How to Apply For Green Card Visa Lottery and Get Legal Residence in the United States

The American Green Card Lottery DV2012 is held every year by the Department of State. It is available to individuals who might want to become legitimate occupants of the US. The people who might want to apply can finish the application over the web from October 2 2010 to November 30 2011 in the Eastern time region of the United States.

Do You Qualify?

Every candidate is evaluated for qualification and should meet prerequisites that are set by the State to be conceded residency in the Green Card Visa Lottery. The individuals who apply should be brought into the world in and dwell in a country that is qualified. People who are from a country that doesn’t qualify may conceivably qualify assuming their companion is from a country that is qualified by utilizing the mates local country. The couple should have visas and enter the US mutually.

Nations in Europe 토토사이트 qualified for the USA lawful residency lottery incorporate Northern pieces of Ireland, Denmark, Albania and Belgium. A few areas of United Kingdom are not qualified for the occasion. People who were brought into the world in and dwell in the Bahamas can apply yet inhabitants of Mexico as well as Canada are not qualified. Individuals who are in Australia are qualified to enter. Nations in South America which are qualified incorporate Panama, Antigua, Honduras and Argentina. There are numerous different nations that are additionally qualified.

Each candidate should meet prerequisites set by the Department of State. The necessities set by plan directors incorporate having a more elevated level of training with at least a High School recognition or have at least two years of working experience. The experience level a candidate has should be later and inside the past five years.

Entering the Immigration Lottery

The application is know as the Electronic Diversity Visa and should be put together by all people who wish to enter it. Guarantee you send just a single application as you will be excluded in the event that copy candidates are gotten by the Department of State executives. You can finish the structure yourself or have someone else complete the structure for you. An affirmation will be shown assuming that the finished application has been sent effectively. The effective consummation page will likewise have an affirmation number for reference. The lottery overseers won’t acknowledge applications that are hand filled and sent in. All applications should be sent carefully.

Each application should have a photograph submitted. This is essential to have the passage handled. Very much like the application, a photograph should likewise be carefully presented by each individual who wishes to enter the lottery. Assuming you are entering different individuals from your family, you should incorporate one photograph of each. Photographs with relatives together in one photo don’t qualify. Offspring of the individual entering the lottery who are now residents don’t have to supply an image.

The Lottery Applicant Selection Process

The determination interaction is automated. All candidates who have been chosen are educated and expenses expressed. Candidates are informed In October of 2011 and September of year later.