Things You Should Know Before Starting Your SEO Campaign

As a new market player, it’s vital to introduce your brand to more people, and SEO is one way to do it. Many users use search engines to look for products or services online. Landing on the first page of the search results gives your site the edge because users often visit the sites on this page. They seldom check out those with lower rankings. If used effectively, search engine optimization or SEO can also increase your conversion rate. Businesses in Kansas can get the help of a Kansas City SEO agency to improve their SEO. If you are planning to work on the SEO of your site, there are some things you should know before starting your campaign. 

Content is still king in SEO

Search engines crawl the web looking for various factors to determine which sites to include in the result and their rankings. They pick the most relevant to the users. With their continuous development, they can determine which are helpful and which are not. If you want your campaign to be successful, focus on creating quality content that will provide information that users will find useful. 

Keyword research is vital in the process

When users search for something on the internet, search engines will match these keywords to the content of various sites. If you want to reach your target audience, find out what keywords they often use in the search and use them on your site. Make sure that you incorporate these keywords naturally into your content and avoid keyword stuffing. Going back to the first point, your content should still be top-quality. Search engines can detect if you’re spamming your content with keywords for the sole sake of ranking. On the other hand, relevant and helpful content with the right keywords sprinkled sparingly can drive your site on top. 

Backlinks and internal links are essential

Getting backlinks is one of the most challenging parts of Kansas City SEO, but it’s also a proven effective way to boost your site’s visibility. Search engines will see your site as reliable if you receive several backlinks, thus considering it an authority. Guest blogging is one way to generate links leading back to your site. Using outbound links on your content may also help gain more backlinks. If those sites see that you link back to them, they might probably return the favor. Adding internal links that lead to your other pages is also crucial. It is an excellent opportunity to increase traffic going to those pages, which also helps improve their ranking. 

Mobile-friendliness of the site matters

This year, more than half of digital sales are projected to use mobile. The number of mobile users is continuously growing, and so is the number of people making their purchases on these devices. If your site is not designed to be mobile-friendly, you are missing a lot. Also, many mobile users use voice search over the traditional typing of keywords on the browser. Be sure to consider the keywords used in voice searches are they are usually different from text searches. For instance, users may type the words “Italian restaurants Kansas” on the search field to look for an Italian restaurant. They may also say, “where to find Italian restaurants in Kansas City” in a voice search. 

The site’s speed is critical too

The time that users spend on your site is a factor that affects your SEO ranking. Search engines will think that visitors find your site helpful if they spend more time reading its content. Conversely, if the site loads too slowly, users will leave, thus hurting your ranking. It also affects your conversion rate because potential customers will not see what you offer if they bounce prematurely.

Everything considered

SEO is an essential tool for your site, so you must learn how to use it efficiently. With proper knowledge, your SEO campaign will be successful.